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ALCOconut's Coconut Roasted Spices is one of the unique healthy culinary drinks and has many benefits that the human body needs. Starting from the emergence of a pandemic in early 2019 encouraging ALCO GROUP to innovate by offering beverage products that can maintain body health.

ALCOconut's believes that everyone in society deserves access to healthy and quality drinks at competitive prices. ALCOconut's is formulated using coconut and a combination of quality spices without using preservatives, because we only offer good quality products in terms of cleanliness, taste and aroma.

We sincerely hope that the presence of ALCOconut's Coconut Grilled Spices will be useful for health and help the economy of the people in the Riau Islands.

our products

  • All In One / Complete Spices Roasted Coconut
  • Honey Grilled Coconut
  • Brown Sugar and Ginger Roasted Coconut
  • Slim and Beauty Package for Women (without ginger)
  • Fitness and Stamina Package for Men (without ginger)
  • Pure Roasted Coconut
  • Ice Coconut / Ice Coconuts
  • Pure Coconut
  • Coconut Honey
  • Nasi Liwet
  • Fried Bread with a variety of flavors


The brand “ALCOconut's Kelapa Bakar Rempah-Rempah” is known to all levels of society in the Riau Islands.

ALCOconut's Kelapa Bakar Rempah, culinary healthy drinks are one of the main products for healthy drinking for all levels of society in the Riau Islands.


Educate the benefits of the healthy drink ALCOconut's Coconut Roasted Spices to the wider community.

Encouraging the Riau islands community to prefer healthy drinks in the form of quality roasted coconut, spices made by ALCOconut's.

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ALCOconut's Kelapa Bakar Rempah-Rempah